Representative Cases

  • Guardianship dispute involving eleven-year old child who had been raised by his adult sister after mother’s untimely death. Father’s involvement began some years after the child’s birth, contacts were established, and resolution involved transition planning, timing of change of residence, and guidelines for continuing court supervision. Settled. 

  • Multi-issue probate conservatorship with competing claims advanced by divorced parents of down syndrome developmentally delayed child. Child and parents were represented and issues to be resolved included best situs and facility for continuing education, best safe and suitable residential setting for supported living, state of residence. Continuing mediated dialogue resulted in agreed resolution.

  • Creditor’s claim against estate advanced by attorney claiming compensation for services rendered during decedent’s lifetime. Dispute resolved at mediation.

  • Dispute between trustee and purported successor trustee, including competing claims advanced through real property quiet title action. Settled.

  • Competing petitions were brought by two brothers to adjudicate claims to property of their father’s estate. Brother A appeals from an order denying his petition and granting the petition of his brother. After this order was entered both brothers filed petitions to be appointed as personal representatives of the estate. Successive appeals were filed in response to several orders.