• Water district and assignors of pre-1914 appropriative water rights to district petitioned for writ of mandate challenging  State Water Resources Control Board’s cease and desist order substantially restricting district’s diversion of water under the appropriative water right. Writ of mandate affirmed.

  • County employees brought action against county’s employee retirement association for breach of fiduciary duty and a violation of the County Employees Retirement Law (CERL) provision governing the computation of the normal contribution rate, and sought an injunction.

  • Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, insurer, and landowners filed consolidated actions  against owners of property on which wildfire started, property manager, purchaser of property’s standing timber, timber operator with which purchaser contracted to cut the timber, and two of operator’s employees for recovery of fire suppression and investigation costs and for monetary damages stemming from wildfire that burned approximately 65,000 acres over the course of multiple weeks and allegedly began when bulldozer employee was operating struck rocks, which eventually caused surrounding plant matter to ignite. Ongoing multi-party case (21 parties, 6 consolidated cases). Interpretation of statutory provisions concerning state’s right to recover wildfire suppression costs.

  • Action by aircraft company against insurers seeking coverage under commercial general liability policies for pollution-related liability totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Trial court judgment for insurers affirmed.

  • Condominium homeowners’ association brought action against condominium developers, vendors, and contractor for construction defects. Trial court denial of defendant’s motion for judgment on the pleadings reviewed on appeal by petition for writ of mandate.


Representative Cases