Representative Cases

  • Toy company’s insurer brought action for declaratory judgment as to its duty under commercial general liability insurance policy to defend company in underlying intellectual property action by inventor’s estate arising out of company’s misappropriation of inventor’s name.

  • Appointed receiver for fire damaged property brought action against insurer for breach of contract, bad faith refusal to pay benefits, negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, and negligent misrepresentation. Judgment for plaintiff, including punitive damages and court ordered attorney’s fees affirmed on appeal. Post remittitur attorney fees ordered.

  • Organization authorized by member airlines to issue blank airline ticket forms to travel agents and to collect money owed to airlines for tickets sold filed action against surety that issued bond covering default of principal-travel agency, claiming that bond covered theft of blank ticket forms which were subsequently used. After bench trial, judgment in favor of surety affirmed on appeal.

  • Action by aircraft company against insurers seeking coverage under commercial general liability policies for pollution-related liability totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Trial court judgment for insurers affirmed.