• Police vehicle collided with elderly motorist when making a U-turn and failing to yield the right of way resulting in severe injuries and damages. As plaintiff reportedly drove within the speed limit, a CHP officer was alleged to have improperly made a U-turn directly into plaintiff’s lane of travel. Plaintiff suffered serious injuries and her car was totalled. Plaintiff reportedly continued to suffer from depression and permanent cognitive problems as a result of the accident. Plaintiff filed suit against the State of California and the officer.

  • An adult man whose vehicle was stopped in traffic on the freeway reportedly suffered a cervical disc injury which required fusion surgery when a semi truck driven by defendant, who was in the course and scope of his employment with defendant employer, slammed into the rear of his vehicle. Plaintiff contended that defendant negligently traveled at an unsafe speed for traffic conditions so as to cause the accident and injuries to the plaintiff. Defendants admitted negligence but disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiff's injuries and damages.

  • Plaintiff was driving his motorcycle north when he lost control, crossed over the double yellow striping and stuck a vehicle proceeding south. The collision resulted in multiple, permanently incapacitating injuries to plaintiff. Plaintiff sued the state claiming the public roadway was in a dangerous condition by an alleged tightened curve radius, a defect in the roadway surface, and improper and inadequate signing. Compensatory damages were sought for personal injuries including permanent disability, medical expenses, lost wages and loss of earning capacity. The State argued there were ample warning signs advising motorists to travel at a recommended speed through the curving section of the highway, Plaintiff’s estimated speed was twice the recommended speed, and Plaintiff was solely at fault for the accident by driving inattentively and unsafely.

  • Plaintiff was seriously injured in a late night solo motorcycle accident at the curve on part of a detour route. Plaintiff filed a civil complaint against the County and contractor alleging that the curve was a dangerous condition of public property and that the County was negligent in its design and maintenance of the detour. The complaint alleged that the general contractor was also negligent in the construction of the detour, namely, in the placement of a detour sign which allegedly blocked plaintiff's view of an approaching warning sign for the curve.

  • Personal injury case wherein an elderly woman was struck by a delivery van while crossing the street. Plaintiff claimed that she suffered from a loss of social confidence, intellectual ability, and personality functioning, in addition to the physical injuries that she sustained.

  • Premises liability case wherein plaintiff was in a permanent vegetative state due to falling into apartment swimming pool while intoxicated.

  • Pedestrian struck by automobile suffered profound permanent brain damage.

  • Personal injury case with multi-party government and private party defendants involving worker on the job.

  • Indemnification for catastrophic injury involving determination of active negligence of County barring indemnity. Right of insurance carrier to intervene.

  • Plaintiff, who was incompetent due to serious head injuries, appealed from an order of the Superior Court which granted defendant’s motion to  dismiss for failure to timely effect service of process. Court of Appeal affirmed.

  • Claimants filed petition for relief from claim presentation requirements of the Tort Claims Act, in connection with an accident wherein automobile was allegedly rear-ended by school  bus.

  • Plaintiff, a mentally ill man, fell into a catatonic state at a local shopping center and was taken to a nearby hospital and placed in restraints as he was deemed a danger to himself. He was later told that he had suffered chemical burns on his hands while working for a former employer and transferred to a surgical unit where surgery was performed on his hands. It was later discovered that, contrary to what he was told, plaintiff was released from restraints and permitted to go into a shower area unsupervised, where he stood under scalding hot water and burned his hands. The county and hospital were sued for negligence.

  • A parent brought action for emotional distress damages stemming from the alleged sexual molestation of her child by a relative.

  • Plaintiff was driving north on the highway when a freight truck allegedly changed lanes into her lane, clipping the rear of her vehicle and propelling it off the highway where it crashed. The truck driver was driving the truck in the course of his employment. Plaintiff allegedly suffered neck, head and back injuries as a result of the collision. Plaintiff claimed that the truck driver’s employers were liable for the accident and their resulting injuries. Damages were sought for personal injury and medical expenses.

  • A 12-year-old male alleged that he suffered severe mental deficiency, incomplete hemiplegia on his left side, herniated discs, pelvic, left leg and jaw fractures and the loss of his quality of life when he was struck by the female defendant's vehicle as he ran from an enclosed schoolyard, through a driveway and into the defendant's travel path on a public roadway. The plaintiff contended that the defendant drove at an excessive rate of speed in a school area, failed to keep a proper lookout, and operated his vehicle in a negligent manner. The defendant denied liability and contended that the plaintiff negligently ran into the roadway, and that she was faced with a sudden emergency and was unable to avoid the incident.


Representative Cases