• Father petitioned for a writ of mandate to prohibit district attorney from attempting to collect child support on behalf of his 18-year-old son who was still in high school. Court found that the father, who had been ordered in marriage dissolution to pay child support until child reached the age of majority or until further court, was not entitled to a hearing before his child support obligation was extended by subsequently enacted statute imposing parental duty to support unmarried, 18-year-old high school student. Trial court judgment affirmed.

  • Dissolution of marriage proceeding involving parties who had already been separated for almost seven years at the time petitioner filed for dissolution. During the time the parties lived together, the wife suffered a stroke that resulted in expensive and complicated brain surgery. She was willing to waive any claim of spousal support in order to avoid trial due to her health, but her ex-husband refused to settle. At issue was whether a home which had been purchased near the time of separation was to be considered community property.

  • Dissolution of marriage proceeding involving a marital estate with a net value of approximately one million dollars.

  • Complicated child custody case where the court had to make a determination as to whether California or Lebanon had child custody jurisdiction.

  • Case of first impression where it was determined that the trial court had jurisdiction to extend the father’s child support obligation without the need for a separate hearing. Affirmed on appeal.


Representative Cases